Meet Chef Andres Garcia

Andrés is a Latino chef residing in Minnesota with over 16 years of experience as a professional chef. Originally from Iguala, Gerrero (Mexico). He specializes in Latin-American, American, and Asian cuisines but he is passionate about Peruvian dishes.

We had the opportunity to connect with him and talk about ideas to share Latin American cuisines with all of Minnesota. Keep reading to learn more.

Picture of Mexican chef in Minnesota Andres Garcia

Andres migrated to the United States at the age of 16. He started his culinary career from the bottom but with time and perseverance he rose to being a professional chef. He has worked at many different restaurants around the country cooking a wide-variety of dishes and styles. He currently works at the Gold Nugget in Minnetonka, serving primarily American food. However, he is passionate about Latin-American dishes and Peruvian gastronomy in particular.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Andres had started his own catering business with his wife offering dishes from Peru where his wife is originally from. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic he decided to put his business on pause with the hope to revive it as the situation in our state improve. Nevertheless, he is still passionate about sharing Latin American flavors with people and when we asked him to collaborate to showcase Latino dishes he did not hesitate to join in with us.

The road has been long but perseverance and the desire to get ahead have borne fruit and have opened many doors for me; I have gained experience and today I feel prepared and proud to work on this new project together with Minnesota Latinos (@mnlatinos) with our Latino community in Minnesota.

We are just as excited to collaborate with Andres to share Latin American flavors that you can make at home. We will be publishing DIY recipes and videos so you can follow along as we make delicious dishes from Latin America in Minnesota. Stay tuned for more coming soon!