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About Us


To connect Latinos with local services, resources, entertainment, community groups, and organizations. While serving as a bridge between Latinos and other communities in Minnesota.


Our vision is to build the most resourceful website for Latinos to find everything they need in Minnesota as well as the largest local network of Latinos.


  • Connect Latinos with local services, events, resources, non-profits, and community groups in Minnesota.
  • Promote local Latino businesses and entrepreneurs through our online directory, social media channels, and local events.
  • Promote local Latino talent including artists, musicians, dancers, actors, models, and more.
  • Help employers seeking to hire bilingual or Hispanic workers connect with potential applicants from our community.
  • Highlight people from our community, share about our various Latin-American cultures, recognize the achievements and contributions of Latinos.
  • Act as a bridge for people and organizations that want to connect with and support our community.

Our Philosophy & Values

We believe that communities can thrive when they are well-informed, collaborative, and have easy access to resources. The foundation of our success is based on the positive impact that we have on our community.

  • Community First Focus – Listen to the needs of our community and find local solutions. We serve and support a local experience. Bring value every day.
  • Leadership – The courage to shape a better future. Lead by example. Take action.
  • Collaboration – Work as a team. Leverage the strengths of others. Strive for win-win outcomes.
  • Innovation – Welcome new ideas. Be a visionary. Work smarter. Always learning and improving.
  • Positive Attitude – Be part of the solution. Put extra effort in all you do. Everything you do matters. Be a supportive neighbor and spread positivity.

Kenneth Zuniga, Founder and CEO.

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