7 Ways to Celebrate Latino Conservation Week

Latino Conservation Week (July 17 – 25) is an initiative of the Hispanic Access Foundation. It began in 2014 with the purpose of involving the #Latine community in outdoor activities and motivating them to participate in activities that protect our natural resources. Since then, hundreds of special programs and events are held throughout the country each year to celebrate Latino heritage.

Objectives of this initiative:

  • Provide Latino families and youth with opportunities for outdoor recreation close to their homes.
  • Demonstrate the commitment of the Latino community with the conservation of the environment.
  • Accompany Latino community leaders and organizations to support local and national environmental conservation issues.
  • Inform politicians, media and the general public, the views of the Latino community on local and national environmental conservation issues.

In Minnesota, the Latine community has not wanted to be left behind, and that is why, from Huellas Latinas we have started a series of outdoor activities to continue motivating the use of parks and various outdoor activities among members of our community.

Join us in celebrating #LatinoConservationWeek. We want to involve the Latino community (and everyone) in these activities and strengthen the role of our people in the conservation of the environment, natural, cultural and recreational resources and inspire the next generations in the human responsibility to preserve life on the planet.

Group photo of Latinos at a part in activity organized by Huellas Latinas

1. Participate in our activities:

  • Family Walk with Mujeres Latinas Unidas MN – July 17 – 1pm.
  • Hike & Yoga – July 20 – 5pm. Register.
  • Field trips with Latine youth – July 23 – 1pm. Register.

2. Know your local parks:
Find the parks that are around your neighborhood and learn about what activities you can do in them and how to preserve these places.

3. Visit a park:
Minnesota has 75 state parks and hundreds of local and regional parks. Go out and enjoy your parks, choose one and learn the history of that place and the past of those lands.

4. A place with Latin heritage?
Investigate a park or park with Latino heritage to learn more about Latin relationships with public spaces.

5. Spread the word:
Share information about the importance of Latino Conservation Week and what you have learned from your research with family and friends. Help us inspire others to participate in these efforts.

6. Let’s work together:
Work with other Latinos in your community to help develop projects and programs that encourage outdoor activities, use of parks, and protect the environment.

7. Take action:
Find the organizations that maintain and protect the park closest to your home and volunteer your time.

Use social media and share Latino Conservation Week posts for everyone to see and get inspired. Use # LCW2021, #LatinoConservationWeek, #HuellasLatinas and #FindYourPark / #EncuentraTuParque.

Lastly, don’t limit yourself to the days of Latino Conservation Week. There are many ways to enjoy our parks and stay involved in efforts to protect and conserve natural spaces throughout the year.

By Luisana Mendez, Founder of Huellas Latinas.