Flavors From Puerto Rico in Minnesota

March 22 is Puerto Rico’s Emancipation Day holiday,  marking the anniversary of the abolishment of slavery on the island and it is celebrated by Puerto Ricans through music and dance with rhythms such as “Bomba y Plena” as well as by enjoying their extensive and exquisite gastronomy. In this post, we invite you to take a tour of some of the emblematic dishes of Puerto Rican Cuisine.

mofongo dish with beef served on a white dish


Mofongo is undoubtedly one of the most deeply rooted dishes in the heart of Puerto Ricans, it consists of fried green plantain that is later mashed in a mortar and seasoned with butter and garlic. Later it is served in the form of a volcano accompanied by the protein of your choice, although it is traditional with shrimp or fried pork. One of the flavors that most identify the gastronomy of Puerto Rico.

Arroz Mamposteao puerto rican dish with avocado

Arroz Mamposteao

It is one of the most widely used dishes in Puerto Rican food. It is a combination of rice and beans seasoned with coriander, achiote (onoto), onion and garlic to which you can also include pieces of chops, sausages or other meats according to the taste of each family. Mamposteao rice is one of the most popular and coveted contours on every table in Puerto Rico.

Las Alcapurrias puerto rican dish


The Alcapurrias are the queens of the most traditional fried foods on the island. Its dough contains yucca and in some cases yautía, the most popular filling is picadillo, which is a beef stew, although some kiosks also use Jueyes (crabs) stew.

Bacalaitos puerto rican fried dish


Another of the most popular fried foods in Puerto Rico, in this case is a dish that has salted cod as the main star. It is very popular at kiosks and parties, without a doubt one of the kings of snacks on the Island.

Tembleque puerto rican dessert


It is one of the best known desserts in Puerto Rican cuisine, it is basically a coconut dessert with the consistency of a flan to which Vanilla is added as part of its main ingredients. Each family gives its particular touch to tembleque but they all have an exquisite flavor in common.

The above are just a few examples of the extensive Puerto Rican gastronomy, flavors full of the tropics, the Caribbean and all the magic that surrounds one of the most beautiful places on the planet such as Puerto Rico. 

Where can I find Puerto Rican food in Minnesota?

In the twin cities, we have the El Jibarito Food Truck & Restaurant in South Saint Paul representing this delicious gastronomy.

This article was written by Sabores MN. For more information in Spanish about the gastronomic offer of the Twin Cities follow Sabores MN on instagram @saboresmn.