Flavors From The Dominican Republic in Minnesota

Today, February 27, the Independence Day of the Dominican Republic is celebrated and of course, the celebrations will be the order of the day anywhere in the world where the cheerful Dominican brothers live.

Precisely a date as important as this is the perfect opportunity to get to know a little about the traditional Dominican food that delight the palate of the natives of this beautiful country.

Sancocho soup dish in a black bowl

Dominican Sancocho

Sancocho is perhaps the most popular dish in the Dominican Republic and consists of a soup prepared with a combination of various types of meat (up to 7 types) and vegetables. The Dominican Sancocho has vegetables typical of the region such as squash, taro or yautía, green banana, yucca, and corn. In addition, the Sancocho is usually eaten accompanied by casabe, a toasted bread made from cassava, inherited from the Taíno Indians.

mangu dominicano on a white plate.


Another very traditional dish, especially for Dominican breakfasts, is the Mangú. The Mangú consists of plantains or green bananas boiled and mashed with butter or oil and a little of the water where they were boiled. Sautéed onions are usually placed on top of the Mangú, traditionally a touch of vinegar is placed on them. It is usually served with eggs, fried cheese, and Dominican salami.

La Bandera Dominicana (Dish)

It is also very popular in the Dominican Republic what is known as La Bandera Dominicana, which is the traditional Dominican lunch and is so-called because it represents the colors of the flag: white represented by rice, red by stewed beans, and the blue one for the stew that can be generally of meat or chicken.

tostones fritos on a white plate

Tostones and fried plantains are an important part of Dominican cuisine and are regular guests at the tables at lunchtime. Today we just wanted to take a brief look at some of the most popular dishes of Dominican cuisine on the occasion of the celebration of their independence day.

Where can you find Dominican food in Minnesota?

In the Twin Cities we know of two places where you can enjoy Dominican flavors, Conga Latin Bistro in Minneapolis and El Cubano Restaurant in West Saint Paul. If you know of other restaurants, we would like to read your comments.

From here we wish a Happy Independence Day to all our Dominican brothers!

The Sabores MN team

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