Top Mexican Bakeries in Minneapolis Making Rosca De Reyes

Top Mexican bakeries in Minneapolis where you can purchase pre-made or custom-order your rosca de reyes. Click on their names to learn more about each bakery below.

The video above shows a rosca de reyes being cut. The rosca is traditionally shaped as an oval or ring, it is made with sweet yeast bread and adorned with sugar and candied fruits to represent the bejeweled crowns worn by the Three Wise Men when they visited the Baby Jesus. 

La Mexicana is a supermarket that also offers delicious fresh and warm bread every day and cakes for all occasions and to the taste you prefer. They also offer rosca de reyes.

Authentic Pan Dulce! Conchas, tortas, bollios, nidos, bolinachos, rosca de reyes, they have it all. Tradtitional Tres Leches Cake in a variety of flavors. Ron con fresas, Mocha con nuez, Pina Colada, Rompope con durazno, Chocoflan & Mil Hojas. Slices and family sized cake options available. 

Locations in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

El Mexicano bakery offers a wide variety of succulent and delicious cakes… Chocoflan, Thousand Leaves, Rompope, Kalua, Mocha, Walnut, Piña Colada, Coconut Cream, Cake filled with natural fruits. They also offer delicious bread, including rosca de reyes! 

Locations in Mercado Central and Midtown Global Market.

This Mexican bakery in Minneapolis has all the goodies you’d want! Empanadas, conchas, churros, croissants, cookies, breads, pound cake, and of course rosca de reyes!

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